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Weekly or monthly kimchi delivery subscription for a 6-week, 6-month, or custom period, includes a medium 16oz jar of kimchi (varies each week/month), seasonal traditional Korean side dish (aka banchan), a mystery snack, and free local doorstep delivery every week or month (within 10 mile of Troy, NY). Orders outside the radius, will incur additional shipping costs. 

Kimchi Klub Subscription

Price Options
Kimchi Klub
Weekly Subscription
$30.00every week for 6 weeks
Kimchi Klub
Monthly Subscription
$30.00every month for 6 months
Kimchi Klub
$30.00every month until canceled
  • Custom-designed box includes the following:

    16oz jar of kimchi (e.g. house napa cabbage, daikon radish, cucumber, etc.)

    8 oz serving of seasonal side dish (e.g. radish pickles, fish cakes, etc.)

    a mystery snack

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