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Sunhee's is a business by immigrants for immigrants, and we believe that the strong economic and cultural fabric of America depends on the continued empowerment of people from all backgrounds.

We are immigrants. Here are our stories.

"I left Burma because there was too much war, too much fighting... Now I hate war. Fighting for who? For what? For why? It was very foolish. No food. No home. A broken family. A broken school. A broken education. Everything was broken. So I decided: I have to try for America."

-Than, former dishwasher at Sunhee's-

Photo/Story Credit Jesse Gardner from Troy Stories.

"Ever since I started school I was told to work hard, don't look back, look forward... Knowing the hardships my family went through makes me want to work hard here in the U.S. to make sure that their hardships never go to waste. From African slaves to free Guyanese citizens to poor Beehive villagers to hopeful immigrants to prospective college graduates. This is the progression of my family and I will not disappoint."

-Bryanna, former front end staff at Sunhee's-

Photo/Story Credit Jesse Gardner from Troy Stories.

"I'm from Thailand but I'm Burmese. I stayed in a refugee camp in Thailand. I was in the refugee camp for eight years. I was very very sad everyday... I was waiting to hear for a long time. I stay there alone and I don't have the family... Right now I live in Rensselaer. There's a lot of Burmese people around here. Here I have lots of friends. So I like here... So I come here and I'm very very happy... Sometimes I think about my country, my family. I would like to have my family here. I want to bring my family here. But I know I cannot bring them here right now."

-Myo Myo, chef at Sunhee's-

Photo/Story Credit Jesse Gardner from Troy Stories.

More stories to come.

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